Hard work speaks for itself.

Established in 1948 the Stareal International Real Estate Investment Group has been providing land developers and international real estate investors with timely, accurate and confidential business and brokerage services so they can make the critical decisions necessary to capture a healthy return on investment.

The Stareal Group is a family-owned business founded by Mr. Starin, a Brooklyn native who set down roots in the historic, agriculturally-rich Hudson Valley of New York after the second world war. Over sixty years ago Mr. Starin established a reputation for wise, honest and sound advice for real estate services to astute buyers of income producing properties and land development projects.

And the family tradition continues today, with the Stareal Group maintaining an international presence that provides its global clientele with the best insight and real estate opportunities in North America.  The Stareal Group LLC maintains offices in both New York City and the Hudson Valley, NY.

Whether you are looking for a turn-key business opportunity, multi-story apartment building, office high-rise, apartment rentals, a commercial mall or raw land for development, the Stareal Group is there with you every step of the way to ensure that your investment dollars are wisely spent.

Are you shopping for a coop or condo, or are you a prospective tenant or real estate investor who wants to know if existing occupants of a particular property are happy with their building's management services and overall habitat?  Then you might be interested in our bespoke owner and tenant satisfaction surveys conducted by our sister company, HabitatReport.com.  Here you can get the inside scoop on property management, personnel, amenities, sound, odors, safety, comfort and much more by ordering a building survey customized specifically for the property you want to buy or rent.

Looking for hospitality and retail leasing opportunities?  Check out our restaurant and bar sales at RestaurantLoot.com.

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